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Sanjeevani is a devoted Organic food company in India who seeks to form close relationships with suppliers and growers that provides you with all the food products which is completely organic, fresh and pure, so that you get to choose varieties of food products online and the selection is being updated on annual basis to make sure that there are plenty of new products for you.



We have established ourselves in supplying quality organic basmati rice and believe it is especially important to note the directional relationship between health and nutrition. Sanjeevani simplifies the world of nutrition for people so they can make informed decisions about their health. Our committed team of agriculture professionals bring up with the finest quality of organic basmati rice to empower everyone to take charge of their diet, their lives and their health.


Supply of organic sugar has been one of the core activities of Sanjeevani and the story behind their ongoing success lies in their internal quality management who works hard to control all features as we craft our sugars with precision, time and care to produce the highest quality sugar that retains more of the cane sugar’s natural depth of color and flavor


We firmly believes that the organic products improves the world around us, therefore we are committed to an organic lifestyle and understand the importance of a good health .That’s why we provide a wide range of best quality, natural and fresh organic pulses that are completely deprived from any kind of preservatives and irradiations.


With a firm determination and consistency in the implementation of the objectives, Sanjeevani gives you pure organic desi-ghee which is neither adulterated nor contaminated and is made from cow’s pure and fresh milk using the traditional standards at an unbeatable competition. Therefore, it is beneficial in retaining a good health .


Our extensive varieties of organic Indian Spices are in great demand because of their natural flavor and exotic aroma as we source each of our many spices from its place of origin, so that we can add appetizing taste to the variety of cuisine.

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