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In the last 20 years across the world, there has been an ever growing demand for certified organic food. Many marketing agencies have been tracking this phenomenal growth through market surveys. There are many research studies, consumer surveys and focused interviews to ascertain this trend.

Organic food is a sincere attempt to improve the quality of life through the food we eat. While it is contamination free in terms of toxic chemicals, it is also handled in a manner that makes it absolutely adulteration free. The certification process across the value chain requires that at each stage of value chain i.e. cultivation, procurement, storage, processing etc is verified through third party independent inspection cum certification agency under the stringent norms of Organic farming and practices. In the end, it is also required to be sold in a packed & sealed form showing the logos of the certification marks. Possibly as on today no other food in terms of its quality is as closely monitored as organic is being done. This is also the reason, world over today certified organic food has the highest credibility in the eyes of the most quality conscious consumers, exporters from India and importer of organic food from India.

At Sanjeevani, we dont only strive to supply the organic, quality and world class products to Indian consumers only but we offer an array of products to the buyers overseas.

Presently we are already offering our organic products to many exporters based in India to export the same in bulk to at least 10 -12 countries where demand for Organic food is there. We also have initiated the supply of Sanjeevani brand products for US market and Canada market.

For some of our overseas buyers we are already doing private labeling job and packing and exporting the organic products in their brand name, we are looking forward to all such overseas buyers who are interested in sourcing the highest quality organic certified products from India to market the same in their country.

We welcome all such export queries at -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sanjeevani Organics USA Division : We have our presence in North America through our strong distribution chain handled by Singh and Singh Distributors Inc. based in New Jersey, USA. M/s Singh & Singh Distributors Inc. is handling more than 100 products as an importers besides the Organic venture. The profile can be confirmed at

For Pan India retail contact Mr. Subrat Das (+91 9871028507)  or Ms Sanjana (+91 8791079305)

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