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The livestock is an integral part of agricultural society, hence there is great demand for animal feed on a large scale. With a large variety of livestock, from cows to chickens to horses to ducks, there must also be a large variety of different feed to accommodate their individual needs. One of the most common types of feeds used by commercial farmers is compound feed. Also known as feedstuffs, they're blends of various additives and raw materials that are formulated to specifically suit the intended animal. They're often produced as pellets or crumbles. Like modern vitamins with humans, they can be used to either satisfy the complete nutritional requirements of their target animals or as a supplement to other staples of the animals' diets. They're often complemented with extra vitamins and minerals.

Sanjeevani Organics is also involved in integrated agriculture practices, which are further certified in organic as per the international standards. We at Sanjeevani is already having all the ingredients used in animal feed in organic certified status, hence prepare the composite feed for its farmers as well as for commercial sales.

We have in-house research team to design the feed as per the need depending on various factors like weight, milking capacity, geographical conditions and breed etc and thus prepared Animal Feed is duly certified Organic as per the international standards.

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